Ten Things I Will Do When I Travel Again

I am so ready to get back on the road. It’ll be weird but it will be the best kind of weird. Here are a few things on my back-to-travel bucket list:

  1. Arrive at the airport five hours early, making time for breakfast, shopping, a few hours in the bookstore, and lunch before my flight.
  2. Check bags at the curb, in the terminal and at the gate. I want all the tags.
  3. Let TSA officers discover fresh-baked cupcakes in my carry-on, and I’ll surrender my thermos of hot chocolate for their enjoyment.
  4. Hug the pilots and flight attendants, slip a tip to the catering and cleaning crews.
  5. Spend my intentionally super-long O’Hare layover in the tunnel between B and C gates, high-fiving travelers as they pass by on the people-mover. I will also compose and perform lyrics for the ambient music there.
  6. At baggage claim I will whoop and holler when I see my bags emerge, run to them and hug them as though they are long-lost family.
  7. In the lobby bar I will start a conga line through the lobby and out to the pool. Promise to stay in touch.
  8. Wear the robe and the slippers and whatever else is in that closet.
  9. Order room service like I’m ordering for the whole table.
  10. Not go home. Ever.

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