Life in Christmas Cards

I started designing personal Christmas cards the year I moved to NYC, 1994. Back then, I’d take a floppy to Kinko’s to use their color printer, and then I’d cut each out and glue it into one of those photo-frame cards. Ugly. These days the process is much more polished and professional but the brain-wracking introspection and triple-guessing are the same.

Each was intended to convey my place and purpose that year, to tell a story with a single image (or strip). Looking back, the series feels cohesive to me: it’s a jagged narrative of highs and lows, lonely days and happy memories, vanity and bravado–and, I hope, imperfection and vulnerability.

I’ll admit, 2022’s stands out for its simplicity and authenticity, at least to me an my wife. That should tell you all you need to know: this has been a narcissistic pursuit all along, but we hope the cards bring a little holiday happiness to friends and family.

There are a few missing herein, mostly because some years/year’s were better than others. The captions are small but concise. Enjoy.

One thought on “Life in Christmas Cards

  1. Doug. This is absolutely amazing; I confess to tearing up up a number of times. So thoughtful, so smart, so sophisticatedly funny. Would have been better with bacon, tho. Merry Christmas to you and Mary! Best, Jimmy V

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